Evolution Forwarding

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Evolution Forwarding

Evolution are a small to medium sized international logistics business based out of four locations in the UK. They specialise in the packing and international movement of dangerous goods.

Formed : 2011
Head Office : Middlesbrough

Working with Evolution’s Managing Director – Terry Goldspink – through a series of skype calls, it was established that Terry was looking to freshen up the look and feel of their website.

Our initial conversation was based around setting up a marketing program to help promote their dangerous goods products. We felt that since the website would be central to campaigns, it needed to be modernised, as did the social media pages.

While Evolution provide international logistics, during their eight years of growth they have seen their expertise in this specialist field become the mainstay of their business.

It was therefore important to ensure the new website also reflected the niche nature of the business.


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web design

Having worked with Terry before, he was confident enough to just let us get on with the design and the written content for their website.

Evolution’s existing website had served them well during the previous five years. However, during that time web design has advanced considerably and so has the way users view websites.

This is evidenced by the fact that mobiles and tablets have taken over from desktops and laptops as the main devices for visiting web pages.


We tried to make the website clean, pleasing on the eye and easy to navigate, while ensuring the dangerous goods message came across loud and clear.

The website makes better use of space and is more responsive to the modern need for viewing on multiple devices.


refreshing the Logo

While working on the website, we highlighted to Terry that the strap line they had started with was not reflective of how the business had developed. We suggested that ‘ the dangerous goods people’ was perhaps more appropriate and Terry agreed.

This led to a slight change in the current logo, although there seemed to be no need to overhaul the brand. Mindful of Evolution’s existing liveries, signage and stationary, we suggested keeping the logo inline with its current format and just changing the strap line and updating the font. 

This way, the old logo would not be instantly obsolete and the new logo could be phased in as new branded material was ordered. 

By updating the existing logo and making subtle changes to the font and strap line, there was no need to incur costs replacing existing livery, signage and stationery.

company video

Terry wanted to update their current company video for use on their website and through social media.

Their current video was over six minutes in length, which is way beyond the optimum time for a video, which we feel is no longer than 2 minutes before viewers lose interest and either stop or skip forward.

Rather than incurring the expense of filming, we cut some clips from Evolution’s existing video, and added some stock video.

During the process we felt we needed a further clip from one of Evolution’s logistic centres. So, we asked Terry to pop downstairs with his iphone and quickly film a process – the quality of mobile phone footage is much higher than the needs of web and social media.

After adding licensed music and some text overlay we had created a video in less than a day’s work, that reflected the new brand and outlined Evolution’s key products and attributes.

We also created a couple of short social media videos, with a tongue in cheek approach. (Below) 

social media

The final piece in the jigsaw was to come up with a theme for Evolution’s social media landing pages. Rather than generic freight images, we felt a more friendly graphical representation would work better for social media. 

Terry Goldspink, Managing Director
– Evolution Forwarding

“ADL take the lead, which has been the ideal solution for me as they just get it”

“Being hands on in a developing business, means looking after branded content is one of those things I get little time to focus on. ADL take the lead, which has been the ideal solution for me as they just ‘get it’. I am delighted with the work they have done and the whole process, which has cost me considerably less than I have paid previously“.

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