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Brand Awareness

Social media’s biggest benefit to business is the ability to build brand awareness nationally and internationally. Results of your efforts are not as measurable as direct marketing, but like anything in business; the more effort you put in and the smarter you are, the more benefit you are likely to get.

Twofold Focus

There are a number of considerations for any business embarking on a social media strategy, but the two most important should be how to get noticed and what impression you leave with visitors when you do. Focusing on one without the other is unlikely to result in successful campaigns.

The Right Brand

This twofold consideration is why we decided to combine both design and marketing in our business solutions. We can help you; with great articles, with great videos, to build followers, to get more likes, to engage more with customers, and our design services will ensure your brand looks the part.

The Platforms

What? Why? How?

The Usual Suspects

Linkedin is important as the main platform for business so a presence is important. However, it is fairly saturated in our industry, advertising is expensive and perhaps not the greatest for ROI. Stand out content is needed and ideally an inner circle of friends and staff to initially help push content out to a wider audience.    


Another platform where a presence is important as its daily users are so vast. Probably the easiest platform to engage with customers and easy to build a large follower audience. There are many ways to be creative on twitter, which we build into plans. 


Probably the most underrated platform for business and the service industry as often considered a personal use platform.However, getting noticed by a prospect browsing personally can be just as rewarding. Competitively priced targeted advertising makes this platform a worthwhile investment.   

Best of the Rest

Youtube is massive, but perhaps not considered a social media channel in the same way some of the others are. If you are considering video marketing, which you probably should be, then creating and having a youtube channel is your base. Short video creation is inexpensive these days (see our video page) and you never know, that next viral hit could be just around the corner.   


With the increasing use of mobiles and apps, Instagram is perhaps the up and coming social media platform for our industry. The platform is not ideal for sharing news and articles but is a great place to share videos, infographics, photos and anything visual rather than text. As part of the same suite, competitively priced adverts on facebook can also be boosted on instagram free of charge. 

WhatsApp & Others

Behind Facebook and Youtube, WhatsApp is the third largest social media platform and now offers business services. WhatsApp is largely a messaging and communication tool, so would not necessarily form part of your outgoing marketing strategy, although you may wish to consider as a means of communicating with your customers. WeChat is a similar platform that is more prominent for Asian, particularly Chinese, audiences.

Tumblr (Blogging) Pinterest and Snapchat are potential considerations, but are not essential and are usually outperformed by the other platforms we have referred to.


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