Rebranding, or is it just a Facelift ?



Rebranding is not just the process of changing the logo and company colours, so before considering the rebranding process we need to understand what a logo and brand actually represent.

A Logo is a symbol of an organisation or brand. A strong logo is usually a simple design that becomes instantly recognisable and is immediately associated with an organisation, often meaning there is no further need to explain what they stand for.

Notable logo’s often evolve and move with the times, without actually changing the base content. Some organisations chose to radically change their logo’s every few years as the company itself changes direction.

A brand communicates specific information about an organization’s products, or services, and distinguishes them from others in the marketplace. A brand carries a “promise” about the qualities and characteristics that make an organisation, product or service unique.


Every interaction, whether in person, in writing, through literature or delivery, is contributing to a company’s brand. Organisations continue, on a daily basis, to develop their brand whether they intend to or not.

Design companies like us, can assist immensely by ensuring the visual representation of a brand is smart, professional, and consistent but what you do as a company, how you interact with the outside world, will also determine the perception of your brand.


Image: How the Mercedes logo has evolved

Of course you can drive and influence the perception of your brand yourself. To ensure a positive brand then think about the way you, and your people, deal with the outside world. If you encourage every member of your team to deal with suppliers, competitors and customers fairly, and with respect, then you are more likely to be enhancing your brand. Your internal culture often dictates the external perception of your brand.

You can also control the first impression of your brand through your branded materials and website. Others will get a first impression of your brand by clicking on your website. A positive impression would generally be given if the website is modern, professional and most importantly current. Leaving an old static version of your website is never a good idea.

This means that if companies are considering embarking on the rebranding process it should start with looking at the culture and perception of the brand as it currently is. What do customers, suppliers and staff think the brand represents currently and how does that match up with your own perception? You will never know without asking them.

After receiving feedback about the existing brand then the process can start to take effect. What organisational changes are needed to ensure a positive brand? Structural? Staff? Training? Process? Updating logos, colours and literature should accompany any of the above changes as a means of symbolising the new direction, rather than being the driver.


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