Social Media Blog: How to Get Started With Regular Content

October 16, 2023

Social Media Blog: How to Get Started With Regular Content

There are several obstacles that hold back small to medium size businesses from making good use of their social media company pages on a regular basis. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Not having the time.
  • Thinking of the content.
  • Remembering to regularly post.
  • Having nobody internally to do it.
  • Having someone internally to do it who has another role, so it fizzles out. 
  • A lack of design skills that reflect a positive brand and consistency.
  • The cost to outsource.
  • A lack of understanding if outsourced.

If any or some of the above sound familiar, then it is worth reading on.

So, let’s first understand where social media fits into a marketing strategy for the service industry. In short, it’s a free resource and it is best used to raise brand awareness.

You are more likely to make a success of social media platforms if you post regular content over a prolonged time. By regularly sharing what you do, you are more likely to be in the right place at the right time.

If your expectation is to get a flood of enquiries from new potential customers as soon as you put up a few posts, then you are likely to be dissapointed.

As you embark upon sharing regular content you need to build up your audience. This will grow organically as you share more, but if you are not proactively inviting followers it will probably be slow.

To get the maximum benefit, your team should be involved in liking and sharing your content and inviting followers. As a business, you should be inviting people to follow your social media pages through your website, via emails and email signatures, and by whatever means you make contact with your clients, potential clients, and the outside world.

That is perhaps stating the obvious and not necessarily a big revelation. So, let’s now focus on how ADL Media can help get you started with regular ‘on brand’ content, especially for logistics businesses.

In order to overcome all of the potential obstacles that we outlined at the beginning of this post, we have devised a series of very competitive monthly plans that can get you on your way from as little as £119 per month.

Our plans cover social media advertising, occasions, news and articles and email campaigns. However, we are going to focus on the advertising plans as they are probably the best place to get started.


How do the social media plans work?

Ahead of every month we set up a new template and create the content for individual posts in your brand colours and logo.

For example, if we take the 363 advertising plan, which costs £149 per month, we create 6 unique and professionally designed adverts and then pre schedule them to post on your Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook company pages throughout the month.

Using this specific plan, we will post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Because there are 6 posts and 12 or more posting days every month, each design will be posted more than once, although this will always be at least a fortnight apart.


How do the designs look?

It would not be prudent of us to share designs we have created for others here, although we can point you in the direction of some social media accounts we manage upon request. Below are a few recent design templates we have used on our own social media.

What advertising plans do we offer?

We offer three advertising plans, based on posting twice, three times, or five times per week.

243 Advertising Plan

2 adverts posted per week: Tue-Thu
4 designs p/m (1 template p/m)
3 social media platforms

£119 + VAT/Month
363 Advertising Plan (Recommended)

3 adverts posted per week: Mon-Wed-Fri
6 designs p/m (1 template p/m)
3 social media platforms

£149 + VAT/Month
503 Advertising Plan

5 adverts posted per week: Mon to Fri.
10 designs p/m (2 monthly templates)
3 social media platforms

£229 + VAT/Month

What else is included?

As well as creating content, designing, and posting on to your three social media company pages, we also include a few ‘Linkedin specific’ options within the plan price. We consider Linkedin to be your primary platform for business to business.


  • We will ‘like’ all of your posts from  three ADL team members.
  • Optionally, we will share and like every company post from ONE of your team’s/board’s personal accounts.
  • If option 2 is taken we will also invite 250 of their contacts to follow the company page each month using the linkedin tool.

What is the length of commitment for these plans?

We don’t hold you to any commitments or agreements. Provided you tell us 15 days prior to the relevant month, you can upgrade or downgrade every plan, or cancel it whenever you want.

How do I find out more about other plans?

We have created a monthly budget calculator, which is probably the easiest way of working out your monthly needs. This can be found on our home page or HERE.

We do recommend using our popular social media occasions plan, which is only £39.00 per month. We will be writing about that in our next blog. 

How do I get started?

An email or a quick call to us will get you started.

We will need:

  • A decent copy of your logo, ideally in transparent png format, but we can work around other formats.
  • Any hex codes you have for your branded colours. If you don’t have these then we’ll match them up from your logo and/or website.
  • Any thoughts on what you would like to promote, we can always start off by promoting generic services from your website.
  • Access to your Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter company pages. We will tell you how to arrange this.

To get started or for more information, please email or call 01787 736540.

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